Introducing IntegraCall and Case Manager. The holistic hotline solution for your business.

At The Red Flag Group® we know how important it is to have an internal hotline service which is secure, provides transparency within an organisation, affordable and can be used globally.  We have built a service to meet those needs of our clients.

We are proud to announce the launch of our IntegraCall® and Incident Management solutions to manage the hotline or “whistleblowing” activities for your organisation.

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Your Integrated Case Manager Solution


Case Manager is now integrated with our flagship product ComplianceDesktop®.   Our integrated approach to managing different aspects of compliance provides you with:


A Secure Solution:

  • You have the flexibility to restrict access to cases and supporting details within your organization to only individuals who “need to know”

  • We leverage a best of breed artificial intelligence solution which reduces the “fear of retaliation” or an employee being identified as a whistleblower

  • All data is fully encrypted at all times and remains private


Which Provides an Integrated Solution and Transparency to Organizational Risks

  • With Case Manager integrated as part of ComplianceDesktop® it means you can now experience the flexibility and time saved in your day by having all your data on one centralized platform. Managing compliance activities in email or spreadsheets are now a thing of the past.

  • Our remediation application allows you ease of use of assigning and configuring remediation activities for whistleblowing which meets the needs of your individual program. These can be configured in a matter of minutes. Now all remediation activity can be tracked and monitored from one central location across all applications in ComplianceDesktop®

  • With our automated reminders and notifications it means you not only gain line of sight into risks areas in your business, you now have the tools you need to proactively manage those risks and reduce your company’s exposure.


With a Global Reach to Meet the Needs of Your Workforce

  • Individuals can report a case in over 100 languages. Use as many languages as you need for your organization with no hidden fees or additional cost.


You will now have the insights and data you need to proactively pinpoint areas of concern within your organization and proactively manage your risks and overall whistleblowing program. 

We understand budgets are always a concern for companies.  That is why we believe it is important to offer different packages.  Learn how to get started today with a hotline solution to fit your budget.