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The world of compliance is dynamic.  We recognize keeping up to date on all the changes can be a challenge.  At The Red Flag Group we provide all the insights you need to effectively run your compliance programme while providing you peace of mind knowing you have the latest recommendations and tools at your fingertips. Keep checking back as we are continuously adding new content.  

Insights provided by the Red Flag Group

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Is your business thinking about engaging with partners who do business in countries known to be a high risk and you would like to know the best way to manage those risks?

With GDPR regulation right around the corner do you know the right approach to  take for your business to ensure you are in alignment?

Do you find yourself wondering about best practices to manage your gifts, travel and entertainment policies for your organization?

These are just a few of the topics we cover within Insights.  At The Red Flag Group we are your partner in compliance. You now have one place to go for all your compliance needs.

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You are on the go and we want to make it easy to stay informed about the latest trends and recommendations within compliance.  Easily sign up for live or on demand webinars and remember to  check back to find out more about local events in your area.

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