Corruption Technology Compliance

Hosting Options

ComplianceDesktop® is fully hosted in one of our data centres, which span three continents. We also have additional hosting solutions that meet the highest security requirements, or let you host on your own servers.

Software as a Service

Deploying enterprise compliance solution quickly and correctly can be a challenge. Our managed hosting services aims to let you focus on the business needs of your system, and we managed the nuts and bolts. Our world-class IT infrastructure, operations and support are optimized specifically to host ComplianceDesktop® applications. This allows us to provide you with un-equaled speed of deployment for even complex solutions.

ComplianceDesktop®  Hosting Packages includes all the IT services such as security, monitoring, backup and restore. Our three Hosted Packages enable companies the flexibility and integration options while removing the backend headaches of dealing with system operations, maintenance, and security. The cost of providing these people services in-house can be the most significant cost in the total cost of ownership calculation, so our Hosted Packages represent a significant resource savings.

We use Amazon Web Services as our hosting provider – housed in enterprise-grade tier 1 global data centre with SSAE 16 Type II Certification. In addition, ComplianceDesktop® supports 256bit SSL for secure data transport. Our systems are continuously monitored, and updates are applied at times chosen to minimise any interruption of service.



Our self-hosting packages aims for those companies that enjoy control over all their systems and data and, perhaps even more importantly, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that critical business infrastructure resides in-house. With a perpetual license model, the fixed cost of licenses are known over time and ownership is retained.

With the self-hosting package, all aspects of the implementation such as performance, availability and maintenance windows are under your control, while the experience with ComplianceDesktop®  are consistent with our hosted (SaaS) model.

ComplianceDesktop®  is compatible with a number of hardware configurations as well as network topologies. We will send you the upgrade packages for every release, so your IT team can perform the installation under their change management procedures.