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Gifts, travel and entertainment tracking and approval

Build rules for gifts, travel and entertainment expenses. Track, monitor and store documents

Gift, travel and entertainment tracking

Gift-giving and corporate entertainment are under increased scrutiny following a number of high-profile enforcement actions under anti-bribery and corruption regulations.


Significant time and resources are spent developing defensible policies that meet the needs of a global organisation. However, the effectiveness of these policies depends on their successful implementation and the ability for the compliance officer to continuously monitor employee adherence to the policy.


At times, large multinational organisations engage with governments and government officials. It is important to manage the risks associated with bribery involving government officials.

Purchase the Gifts, Travel and Entertainment module within ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform to provide a pre-approval expense system that enables you to:

  • Build your individual gifts, travel and entertainment expense rules into the platform
  • Require configurable pre-approvals for certain expenses
  • Set your approval workflow to route to the appropriate individual
  • Track, manage and store expenses and records


Build rules for Gifts, travel and entertainment expenses

Rules engine – Define rules to automate the approval of a request or route to the appropriate approver. Connect to your travel and entertainment approval systems.

Flexibility – Track as many expenses as you want, or create a rule to log requests before expenses are incurred for gifts, travel or hospitality for government officials or certain commercial customers.


Store documents – For a complete audit trail, we provide a central location to store documents and supporting materials for approval and reporting.

Register –  Easily identify when gifts, travel or hospitality expenses have been received to ensure that employees are aligned to company policy.

Automate approvals – Set up workflows based on defined thresholds. 


Tracking, monitoring and storing documents

Track – Enforce any value-limit rules to align with your policies for specific locations or receivers of gifts and entertainment.

Monitor – Escalate critical requests to the appropriate person using the approval workflows you define.

Screen – Automatically screen recipients against the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening Database. Access to the full database is available through an annual subscription.

Report – Review and report on trends in the giving and receiving of gifts and entertainment to ensure resources are focused on high-risk locations and events.




Managing GTE® declaration on mobile devices

Work on the go - Submit, approve or decline declarations anywhere at anytime.

Find what you need - Quickly and easily find the declarations you have submitted. 

Stay in the know - Receive in-app notifications when you have approval requests.

Design multiple levels of permissions -  Configure role permissions to ensure that the right users have access to the right data, no matter how they access ComplianceDesktop®.