Large multinational organisations operate using multiple third parties around the world. Third parties who are engaged in corrupt practices can cause major risks to the company engaging them.  







The ComplianceDesktop® | Anti-Corruption Compliance Platform helps manage the risks that these third parties pose to your company by enabling you to:

  • ask the third party to complete information in a questionnaire and give pertinent information about their business operations
  • request your business sponsor to complete information in a questionnaire to provide information about why you need the third party, and to vouch for the third party
  • acquire copies of third parties' anti-corruption and integrity compliance programmes
  • use our comprehensive risk scoring methodology to interpret the information given by the third party and determine next steps in the process of on-boarding and checking the integrity of the third party
  • obtain a certification from the third party to prove that they have clean practices
  • conduct screening on the third party and all of its executives using the embedded IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening Database provided by The Red Flag Group at an additional subscription fee.  
  • review IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence provided by The Red Flag Group.

Third party compliance and integrity due diligence

Questionnaires and risk scoring

Build your own  Build your own questionnaires in as many styles and formats, and with as many features as you like. Add or delete questions, and add branching, scoring and additional logic at any time to any questionnaires. Building questionnaires is easy and requires no formal training.

Multi-use You can create internal questionnaires and surveys, external questionnaires, or a mixture.

Reminders and renewals – Set reminders and renewals for questionnaires to chase people to complete the questionnaires in a timely manner. 

Translations  Automatically translate responses from third parties into any language.

Approvers  For each questionnaire you can setup routing for approvers and have several layers of approvers. You can set up and manage your own approvers for different questionnaires using the admin profile.

Automated screening  You can automatically screen answers to questions against the IntegraWatch® | Integrity & Compliance Screening database. This is useful if the answers are executives or other people working within the third party. Screen as many as you want at no additional charge.

Integrated with PayPal  If your model requires payment by the third party before they can complete a questionnaire, or you charge a fee to enter your system, you can use the Integration feature to allow the third party to pay via PayPal.

Integration  If you would rather use a web form on your website to collect information from a third party, we can integrate with your web form and take a feed from your portal into our Questionnaires module. This way you can have your own portal to send out web requests for data, but the data can be used in the ComplianceDesktop® | Anti-Corruption Compliance Platform for compliance reviews and assessments.

Multi-languages – You can have questionnaires in any language, and in as many different languages as you want. 

Scoring  You are able to score every answer to a non-text question. You can then tally the scores and then map them against an action. Our highly-configurable scoring engine allows you to risk rate the questionnaire answers and decide how to best manage the identified risks.

Watchlist Screening with IntegraWatch® | integrity & Compliance Screening

Content – The content of the IntegraWatch® database is maintained by The Red Flag Group and has over 1300 lists and is updated daily. 

Integration  Your screening can be automatically limited to questionnaire completion and integrated into the integrity due diligence section for escalations. 

Unlimited – Conduct as many searches as you like with the unlimited search capacity.

Monitoring – You can turn on specific searching so that the system monitors the changes to the database and sends you an alert when there is a hit.




Scope – Set the scope of any integrity due diligence from the IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence offerings from The Red Flag Group, with agreed pricing and scopes.

Monitoring – Set monitoring of integrity due diligence with repeat due diligence, renewals or Due Diligence as a Service®

Renewals – Set and manage a renewal schedule for integrity due diligence.

Documents  Upload additional material into the system against the subject company, without any restrictions on storage size. Store contracts, audit reports and any other data you like, in whatever format.

Approvals – Set multiple approval layers for the routing of the IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence report once uploaded into the system.

Search  Search across all details in the system, including all completed due diligence reports.

Report  Produce reports, download details in Excel or PDF format, and produce sophisticated reporting without the need for specialised training.





Send – Send out requests to your third parties to certify any information regularly. Build as many certification requests as you like, and send as many as you like.

Reminders – Set reminders to send certifications and chase people to complete tasks.

Integration – All certifications given by the third party will be stored against that record as a complete picture of the third party's compliance history.