Third Party Compliance Screening and Ongoing Monitoring


Easily determine whether an individual or organisation could present compliance or integrity risks to your company. IntegraWatch®|Compliance Screening is integrated into the ComplianceDesktop® platform and ensures you can make informed  decisions before engaging with a potential partner. In addition, you may select to continue to monitor any partner so that you are automatically informed if a new risk emerges which may impact your business.

Set up notifications and additional reviewers as required, automating the process and disclosing information immediately as it is updated or as circumstances change with an organisation or person.


Quickly determine whether an organisation or person is included on a government sanctions or watchlist, is a State Owned Entity (SOE), or is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).


We monitor 23 risks areas. Risk areas identified by our compliance experts that could expose you and your company to financial, regulatory and reputational risk and are most critical to manage to maintain daily business operations.


We provide daily monitoring and direct email alerts when new updates are available on entities screened.


Easily complete integrated workflows as next steps based on the risks presented such as ordering due diligence or completing a third party compliance questionnaire.


Easily include additional reviewers as needed with one additional step so you can rest assured the right people are included in your analysis and approval levels.


By having access to the most recent information, you can quickly respond to and reduce any identified risks.


Increase efficiencies by conducting one search to screen multiple categories of risks from Sanctions, Watchlists, SOE, PEPs and Adverse Media

Real time updates Daily monitoring on your third parties ensures you receive the latest information on any potential risks and changes in circumstance with a particular entity

Global coverage Multilingual searching is an excellent option if you have names in local language you are required to search. Avoid translations which are prone to errors.

Configurable options Use the batch screening functionality to conduct project based searches for specific engagements or for a large number of entities. All that is required is one click to initiate a search.

Relevancy Built-in powerful matching algorithm providing faster and more accurate screening results