Monitor Employee Adherence to Organisational Policies

Compliance Officers must monitor employee adherence to organisational policies which cover risks associated with bribery, corruption, and internal monetary thresholds.

Do you find yourself trying to address questions from internal stakeholders about your gifts, travel or entertainment policies for your company because the policy may be difficult to interpret?

Trying to manage a global expense policy with local nuances can be complex, and quickly become inefficient to manage.

The GTE® (Gifts, Travel, and Entertainment) application is a powerful, web-based solution that manages the tracking of benefits requested from an organisation or received from third parties. You can record information, track and automate decision-making on financial declarations, and ensure compliance with the record-keeping obligations stipulated by regulatory requirements or internal policy.

We breakdown the intricate details of your Gift, Travel and Entertainment policy into an automated and consumable format for your stakeholders leaving you more time to focus on meeting your strategic compliance goals.


The GTE® application within ComplianceDesktop® is a pre-approval expense system that enables you to:


Build individual gifts, travel and entertainment expense rules into a centralized platform even when your policy may dictate thresholds and management at local business levels.

Easily automate an internal process, especially if you find that email or individual responses for policy clarifications are no longer scalable for your business.

Define your automated approval workflows to route them to the appropriate individual for approval, or set auto-approvals when an expense is on or below the minimal threshold established for your business policy.

Track, manage and store expenses and records for a complete audit trail. Data is available whenever you need it.

Leverage our integrated compliance platform with ongoing monitoring.  Instantly receive an alert if an individual or organisation is on a sanction or watch list. 

With the option of our ongoing monitoring solution using our IntegraWatch Screening application (*additional annual fee), you can be confident if something changes we will notify you immediately.

Automate notifications and configure emails, so you never miss an important milestone or communication.

Access the compliance platform using your desktop or mobile device to speed up submission and approval processes.  When you are on the go, the application goes with you.