A scalable and holistic compliance platform providing the data you need to effectively manage third parties

  • The ComplianceDesktop® solution provides you with an integrated compliance platform to manage your third parties throughout their complete lifecycle.

  • Use our IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence Reports and configurable questionnaire application to quickly identify integrity risks before they occur so you can quickly gain a holistic view of your business ecosystem.

  • Strengthen your third-party programme by using our IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening solution which screens against government sanctions, watchlists and other key risk areas.

  • Not only do we provide you with a comprehensive third party risk identification and assessment, we will automatically alert you when new risks emerge to ensure you stay proactive.



With effective third party risk management you can


Accelerate the on-boarding timeframe for third-parties using comprehensive, configurable questionnaires and automated alerts to ensure you never miss a milestone


Quickly identify if there is a risk posed by a third party entity which could be harmful to your brand and bottom line


Immediately be alerted when circumstances change with a partner through our on-going monitoring using our world-class IntegraWatch solution


A Holistic Third Party Management Solution
Utilize the integrated third party framework and comprehensive risk management platform to save you time and simplify common day to day compliance tasks.

Dynamic Reporting Engine
We provide the data and tools to quickly assemble reports and demonstrate the value of your compliance programme.

Use the visualisation tools provided on the platform or export the data for further analysis. The choice is yours.

Certify on Key Information
Ask your third-parties to certify on key questions to ensure your programme continues to run smoothly.

Audit and Retention Guidelines 
All information is easily accessed from one location. Export all relevant materials when needed. Rest assured all third party information meets retention and audit guidelines.

Automate Management and Tracking Of Remediation Tasks 
We provide industry leading remediation recommedations directly on the platform. You always have the flexibility to configure your own tasks if required.

Streamline the management and tracking of all remediation tasks of employees and third parties so you can gain time back in your day as the platform is working for you to mitigate red flags.

One Place to Manage all Third-Party Needs 
If you require due diligence or screening on a third-party, it can be conveniently completed from one location on the platform.

Easily reduce your risk with doing business with an entity who is outside of compliance with your programme. We make it easy to set up options in the tool so you can quickly tell when a Third Party is up for renewal.


Onboard  Third-Parties Quickly and Easily Using a Risk-Based Approach

When executing Due Diligence, organisations will require information to be provided from their partners in order to make a qualified assessment of the risks they may face.

Acquiring this information can be a significant task. Our questionnaire application is designed to streamline the complex data collection activities. Third-party  questionnaires are easy to create and risk scoring is intuitive and personalised to your business.  Automated reminders and notifications helps you get through the Due Diligence process more quickly.  


Configurable Options
Build questionnaires in any style or format, with as many questions as you need, including conditional workflows, risk scoring, and personalized logic.

Your questionnaire will reflect your own specific compliance needs.

No Hidden Fees
Configure as many questionnaires as you like using a format which works for you. The platform gives you the option to configure the types of questions and workflows to meet your programme goals.

We won't limit you to the number of questionnaires or third party responders.

Ensure Programme Continuity 
Utilize automated reminders and notifications so your respondents will be alerted to complete the compliance questionnaires in a timely fashion.

Reporting is available out of the box to demostrate key trends with your third party and programme.

Gain Peace of Mind
You choose the right level of approvals required to meet your organisational and programme objectives. You have the flexibility to change approvals workflows when your processes change.

Integrated Solution
Based on responses to questionnaires you can trigger the right level of due diligence and screening be automatically completed on a particular entity.

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening application covers over 4M million data points including sanctions, watchlists, and 23 risk areas.

Global Services On Demand
Send and receive compliance questionnaires in up to 18 different languages to meet your global programme needs.

Comprehensive Risk Scoring
Receive immediate scoring results on third-party questionnaires so you can take action on identified risks and ensure your programme remains intact.