Onboard  Third Parties Quickly and Easily Using a Risk Based Approach

During a Due Diligence process, organisations often require information to be provided from their partners and staff in order to make a qualified assessment of the risks they may face.

Asking for this information can be a significant task, so the Questionnaires application is designed to manage these complex data collection activities. Third party due diligence questionnaires are easy to create and risk scoring is intuitive. You will have fewer third party questionnaires to create and maintain which ultimately lessens your workload.



Build your compliance questionnaires in any style or format, with as many features as you need, including conditional workflows, risk scoring, and personalized logic. Your questionnaire will reflect your own specific compliance needs.


Multi-use functionality lets you use questionnaire templates in any way you like. Internal, external, questionnaires, surveys, or even a mixture of both provides you with complete flexibility of the internal data asked of third parties while ensuring you have the right level of sponsorship in place.


Set automated reminders and renewals so your respondents will be reminded to complete the compliance questionnaires in a timely fashion.  Leverage the platform reporting to show improvement in your third party onboarding timeframes.


Configure automated routing for approvals on questionnaires when you need different approval levels to meet your organisational and programme objectives


Automatically screen answers to questions against IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening application which includes covers over four million data points.

The tool is useful if respondents are executives or employees within the third party and you want to be immediately alerted to any compliance risks so you can quickly mitigate any impact to your business.


Global Translations can be seamlessly completed within the plaftorm. You have all the information you need in a digital format. Send and receive compliance questionnaires in over 20 different languages to meet your global third party needs.


Risk scoring is available for every answer to a non-free text question. Tally the scores and map against a remediation action or next step using our highly configurable scoring engine. Risk-rate the questionnaire answers and decide how to best manage the identified risks.