Launch or grow your conflict of interest programme today!

Conflicts of Interest can emerge at any time with your internal employees and third-parties.  In today’s environment, Conflicts of Interest (COI) remain a top organisational risk, and failing to manage COI is simply not an option.  

We provide the tools to set up and manage your Conflict of Interest management programme based on ISO standards.  On-going management of your Conflict of Interest management programme is easy and configurable using our integrated and automated platform.


Centralized Data
All Conflict of Interest data are centrally located in standardized formats. Quickly gain a holistic view of the status of potential conflicts of interest.

Flexible Options for Disclosing a Conflict 
Employees can confidentially self-disclose a conflict by accessing the platform directly or send automated notifications to your stakeholders to complete the appropriate disclosure.

Configurable Application 
Easily configure the exact questions and answer types for your disclosures. Automated reminders and notifications can be set up in the tool to ensure deadlines at met.

No Hidden Costs 
Create and configure as many disclosures as needed for your programme.

Global Coverage
Send and collect disclosures in up to 18 languages. Reduce any chance of miscommunication with your stakeholders due to a language barrier.

Set Visibility Options for Targeted Roles Automatically send disclosures to specified roles within your organization and specify and limit them to be discretely viewed and answered by those who should.

You Choose the Timeframe for Follow-up Actions  
Set up personalised renewal time frames based on issues raised and the internal risk tolerance for your company.

Flexible Search and Filter Options 
Quickly find the disclosures you need and assess overall status and next steps.