Managing your anti-corruption programme can be complex and time-consuming

As part of the onboarding process, our integrated anti-corruption compliance solution helps you to quickly identify integrity risks with third parties and their complex relationships. 



The benefits of managing an effective anti-corruption programme


Reduce your Internal Risks  

Minimize the likelihood of harmful events and associated fines levied with non-compliance

Drive Cost Efficiencies   

Avoid unnecessary costs and reputational impacts associated with engaging in events deemed as harmful with the wrong partners

Influence the Bottom Line 

Transparency promotes a culture of trust including preferred treatment in commercial relationships



ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform can Manage your Anti-Corruption Programme


Configurable Solution to Meet your Business Needs Ask third parties to give pertinent information about their business operations with configurable questionnaires you design.

Quickly identify any potential risks while you gain in-depth knowledge of a partner's business and integrity profile.

Ensure you Have the Right Sponsorship in Place
Request your business sponsor to provide initial approval before starting the onboarding process with a third party in your business ecosystem.

Centralised Audit Trail for all Compliance Data Create an audit trail and store the required documentation needed from third parties to ensure full compliance with record keeping regulations.

All information is easily stored in one location and accessible when needed saving you time in your day.

Comprehensive, proprietary risk- scoring methodology
All evaluations and assessements presented are backed by our industry leading risk scoring methodology.

Gain peace of mind knowing as circumstances change we do the hard work to ensure you are always up to date including presenting facts on what potential risks mean to your business.

Software which Meets the Needs of your Program Configurable and personalized workflows which can be quickly aligned with your organisation’s processes. We help to guide you through the complete Third Party lifecycle.

Request third parties to certify and attest to important business practices so you can be assured of their alignment with your organisation’s policies.

Easily conduct screening and on-going monitoring of your third parties and individual entities powered by our IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening application. You have immediate access to updated data which may pose a risk to your business.

(Additional value-added service fee)

Easily order, manage and store due diligence reports within the compliance platform, using IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence.

We provide an automated solution to order the right level of due diligence on an individual or organisation. Quickly receive comprehensive and relevant insights before engaging in a business relationship.

When you identify a risk in your business use the Remediation application to assign remediation tasks and automatically assign owners to track due dates and renewals. Ensure you don't miss critical milestones.

Our Solution can Easily Extend your Internal Employees
Our Conflict of Interest or Certification applications make the simple to ensure your internal employee base have:
- Read and attested to the internal code of conduct
- Trained and certified on the latest company policy
-Self-disclose any conflicts of interest which may impact your bottom line.