Corporate Compliance Solutions that Fit You


ComplianceDesktop® is your single source to manage all your compliance needs. We make it easy to manage the day to day activities related to setting up and managing activity and trends with your compliance programme.

This provides you more time to focus on addressing emerging risks or ensuring your programme is complying with new  and changing regulatory requirements.



     Easy to Use


Easy to Manage


Easy to Integrate



Our web-based compliance solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses and professionals…and we have generated amazing outcomes. We automate your business processes, ensure you are up-to-date on the changing compliance environment, and provide on-going customer service support expertise.

Our configurable compliance technology platform can scale to support every level of compliance programme maturity. Whether your compliance programme is in its infancy, or it is well-established, ComplianceDesktop® can conform to your company’s needs. 

Additional applications are added with a single click. Gain peace of mind as our solution easily grows with you, all while your data remains safe and secure.

The business environment is constantly changing and you need to work with a team that uses up-to-date knowledge and software that keeps your business relevant. ComplianceDesktop®—we count ourselves as your partner.