Leveraging the power of a compliance platform to help companies drive their competitive advantage

Do you find yourself with one or several of these common challenges when managing your compliance programme?

  • Still relying on email or spreadsheets to manually track approvals to ensure alignment with your global gifts, travel and entertainment policies


  • Are you spending a good portion of your day trying to manually address and close business and integrity risks presented by a third party entity?


  • Are you spending a good amount of time trying to pull and consolidate data from multiple sources just to illustrate the business impact you are making in compliance for your organisation?



Budget is always under scrutiny within a business.  Look no further! We have a solution to align to your budget, easily grows as your programme grows and helps to alleviate the daily compliance burden by:

  • Automating approval levels and notifications within the platform. Reduce the time required to manually track and follow up on common programme tasks.

  • Setting the right risk alerts and automated workflows on the platform to notify you when a monetary threshold for your policy is approaching or when an additional level of due diligence is required.

  • All your data is centrally located on the platform. With our platform dashboards and reporting you no longer have to spend days building your compliance story, it can now be illustrated in a matter of minutes.


ComplianceDesktop® has a package solution which provides you immediate business value while meeting the needs of your compliance budget.