ComplianceDesktop Connect®


ComplianceDesktop®  is a powerful and feature-packed application created for compliance management, and its core capabilities are just the start. At The Red Flag Group, we believe integrating your Compliance Platform with other third party systems is key to unlocking the full power of the ComplianceDesktop®, so we offer our API platform - ComplianceDesktop Connect® for our clients to leverage in order to perform integration.


Keep everything in sync

Have a single source of truth by syncing data between ComplianceDesktop® and other applications


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What can you do with ComplianceDesktop Connect®?



Your third party's data is stored in your ERP system and is frequently updated for accuracy. The manual process of keeping this partner data up to date can become error-prone and is time-consuming, and the data is often duplicated.

Integrating with ComplianceDesktop® enables automated integration to synchronise third party datasets. When third party data is updated in your ERP system it will propagate to the ComplianceDesktop® automatically.


HR data

Synchronisation of your human-resources data between ComplianceDesktop® and your HR applications is a manual and repetitive task. When there are changes in staff, the accuracy of this data relies on human administration, which increases the chance of data disharmony amongst dependant business systems.

With API integration, you can automate the update of the user's data when changes are made in your HR system. This will save you administration time as well as provide better data accuracy.



Your employees may be duplicating expense procedures across systems, and your finance department might not know whether an employee expense has been approved from a compliance standpoint. With API integration, you can route approved expense data to your expenses system, saving your staff the effort of entering the same data in multiple locations and ensuring your finance department is aware.



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