Integrate Your Existing Human Resource, Sales or ERP Systems with ComplianceDesktop Connect®


Impact your company's bottom line using your existing technology investments. ComplianceDesktop® offers integration capabilities with your existing HR, ERP or CRM systems.  There is no need to manually update organisational or user data between systems. Integration saves you time, and improves your internal and third-party data integrity.


you want to maximize your existing technology investments while managing your compliance programME. 


Synchronize your user, organisational or expense data from existing platforms.


Integrate ComplianceDesktop® with your existing HR platform and take advantage of our standards-based Single Sign-On support.



The integrated compliance software itself is secured by Amazon Web Services. External systems can integrate with the ComplianceDesktop® software platform using the WS-Security standard public network. Web services are provided using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), automatic authentication, and data encryption throughout each transaction


Single Sign-On with COMPLIANCEDESKTOP Connect®

Stop calls to the Helpdesk.

Single Sign-On with ComplianceDesktop® can be set up in no time.




We recommend gathering the following information from your identity provider and send this information to The Red Flag Group® to integrate ComplianceDesktop® with Single Sign-On.

The meta data files of your identity provider should include

The IdP entity ID  

The IdP KeyInfo element

  The IdP location that defines your endpoints


To integrate ComplianceDesktop® with SAML 2.0 you need the complete metadata file and the information described above.



The benefits of an API integration are simple.

Create data once and leverage it across multiple platforms.

The automation of ComplianceDesktop Connect® allows you to save time in your day and improve data quality. No need to re-key data.

Re-focus your time on strategy while ComplianceDesktop Connect® manages your compliance data behind the scenes.