Technical Requirements

ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform is designed to support all major browsers and to operate without the worries of cross-browser compatibility or compliance standards.

The following list of browsers is supported by The Red Flag Group:


Chrome : Current version and one version older (N-1)


Internet Explorer : Version 11


Opera : Version 15 or later


OS X Safari: Version 6.2.6 or later


Contact us to learn about the technical requirements necessary for a smooth operation of the platform


The following minimum requirements are recommended to support the application:

Network bandwidth of 2mb/s.

Maximum latency of 300ms

Javascript enabled

        Webfont downloads enabled


Clients should complete the following steps in order to optimize performance:


The client ComplianceDesktop® site URL should be whitelisted on your web filter so platform communication is not blocked


Before uploading a file it is recommended you scan them for viruses. 


Ensure your internet connection must be at least 2 MB/sec, and have a maximum ping latency of 100ms.