Compliance Advisory Services

We are here to assist implementation and optimization of your compliance programme. A global team ready to help you meet your compliance programme goals work hard to ensure success. 

Whether you are just starting a compliance programme or trying to mature your existing programme, we have the right people to help.

Advisory is at the heart of what we do. We have a team of in-house attorneys and legally trained professionals who are passionate about unlocking the "maze of compliance" and working with you to ensure your programme is optimized for your needs and your business value can be easily demonstrated to your stakeholders.

Our global Advisory team not only knows all aspects of compliance, but our certified and legal experts have designed and matured global programmes themselves.  They can help you navigate and avoid common pitfalls to ensure your programme is successful. Contact us today!

Below is just a sample of the types of programmes we focus on:


Anti-bribery, corruption and government relations

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Export controls and sanctions

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Privacy and data security

shutterstock_614340716 [Converted]-88.png

Conflicts of interest, fraud, and misconduct

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Third-party and supplier programmes (including screening and integrity due diligence)

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CSR compliance and employee relations

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Conducting compliance risk assessments and culture assessments

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Building Awareness, Communications & Training programmes, including face-to-face training, custom e-learning, workshops and executive programs

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Audits, and Health Checks and pre-Certification assessments

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Investigations of misconduct to identify areas to further explore


What Makes Us Different?

Customer focus and integrity is at the core of our organisation and an essential part of our relationship with our clients and the solutions we provide. Our success is dependent on trusting relationships, which are built on a foundation of integrity.