Compliance Screening


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Easily determine whether an individual or organisation could present compliance or integrity risks to your company. IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is integrated into the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform and ensures you make informed decisions before engaging with a potential partner. In addition, you may select to continue to monitor any partner so that you are automatically informed if a new risk emerges which may impact your business.

IntegraWatch® brings you the most up-to-date information regarding heightened risk individuals and entities in a unified database to help you make informed business decisions, and avoid costly legal, financial, and reputational damage. 


Our Difference



Streamline your workflow by integrating screening into the compliance process, on one single platform



Reduce false positives to a minimum with our advanced data-matching algorithm



Compose your own custom lists for internal compliance
based on your specific industry and requirements



A Truely Global Database

The data screened against:

  • Global Sanctions, Denied Parties and Watchlists issued by over 100 governments worldwide

  • Politically Exposed Persons and other senior members of government in over 100 countries

  • State-Owned Entities and majority-owned entities managed by governments in over 100 countries

  • Global Adverse Media from English and non-English sources collected and curated by our team of Compliance Analysts which shows companies and people being involved in negative compliance issues in 194 countries and 23 key risk areas

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Relevant Results and Flexible Search Options

Built-in powerful matching algorithms provides faster and more accurate screening results. You have the flexibility to choose how you search. Start with specifics, or begin with a more general search. The choice is up to you.

Daily monitoring on individuals or organsiations are also available to ensures you receive the latest information on any potential risks including any change in circumstance with a risk posed by a particular entity. 



Streamlined Internal Process

You no longer have to search in multiple places and manually consolidate findings to validate if an entity poses a risk to your business. Search once
and done! All results are centrally located and monitored for any subsequent changes.