Take compliance to the next level

Easy to start and simple to grow


Your existing platforms can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment, getting ComplianceDesktop® up and running is a ‘no brainer’

The platform dashboards gives you what you need to tell the real story about the health of your compliance programme



Don’t waste your time!

Automated workflows and on-demand configurability


Automated alerts ensure your compliance programme meets your critical programme milestones

Leverage your technology investments for a unified view of your compliance environment. No need to re-key data or start from scratch

Historical compliance data about employees and third parties are maintained within the platform and accessible 24x7



Stay current on global laws and regulations

The world changes, and so do we


Global regulations are continuously changing so we do the hard work for you by tracking those changes

Active monitoring of the changing global business climate and proactively present risks which are personalized for your business

As circumstances change, alerts of a potential risk to your business are provided so you can take appropriate action and protection


ComplianceDesktop® is going beyond the desktop

Do business on your own terms!


We are taking the platform mobile, which makes the platform available when you need it, wherever you need it

Omni-Channel experience allows you to start and complete all programme tasks from the desktop or mobile device - the choice is yours!



Analytics gives you insightful perspectives 

The adaptable reporting Platform allows you to present insightful analytics on compliance Programme and Emerging trends


All of your compliance data is available from one location for a holistic, integrated view

Gain quick insights into trends of your compliance programme to take informed actions

Quickly demonstrate how your compliance programme is influencing the bottom line--we make it easy to quickly present those facts


Customer Testimonials

“The Red Flag Group® people bring a deep knowledge about integrity and compliance risk to the table."

Chief Integrity Officer, A market-leader pharmaceutical company

“The Red Flag Group® is always pragmatic in their approach.”

Anti-bribery and Corruption Compliance Officer, A Fortune-500 manufacturer of medical devices and supplies

“We’ve been using ComplianceDesktop® for 3 years. It is very easy to use.”

Head of Compliance, A global publically-listed biopharmaceutical company

“Our sales people and third parties have given us positive feedback about the platform.”

Compliance Officer, A global chemical company

All the resources you need to manage your compliance programme.
ComplianceDesktop® your partner in compliance.