Take Compliance to the Next Level

Easy to start and simple to grow

Our web based solution can be easily integrated into your existing environment, getting ComplianceDesktop® up and running is a breeze

As your compliance programme matures, our solution grows with you- easily add applications when you need them with a single click

If your business and third parties are global we have you covered. ComplianceDesktop is available in up to 18 languages out of the box



Save your Valuable Time

Automated workflows and Seamless Platform integration

Automated alerts ensure your compliance programme consistently meets critical milestones

Leverage your technology investments for a unified view of your compliance data-no need to re-key data or start from scratch

Historical compliance data about employees and third parties are accessible 24x7 all from a centralised location



Gain Peace of Mind with our Comprehensive Screening Solutions and World Class Due Diligence

The world changes, and so do we

Continuously monitored sanctions, watchlists, PEPs and state-owned entities provides you the assurance of having the most current information when you need it

Active monitoring of a changing global business climate and personalized due diligence solutions not only present key risks, but also tell you what it means to your business

As circumstances change, alerts and automated notifications of potentials to your business are provided so you can take immediate action


ComplianceDesktop® is Going Beyond the Desktop

Do business on your own terms

We are taking the platform mobile, which means the platform is available when and wherever you need it

The omni-channel experience allows you to start and complete all programme tasks from the desktop or mobile device—the choice is yours!



Analytics Gives You Insightful Perspectives 

Quickly present Keen analytics on Your compliance Programme and Emerging trends

All of your compliance data is available from one location for a holistic, integrated view

Gain quick insights into trends of your compliance programme to take informed actions

Quickly demonstrate how your compliance programme is influencing the bottom line—we make it easy to quickly present those facts


Customer Testimonials*

“The Red Flag Group® people bring a deep knowledge about integrity and compliance risk to the table."

Chief Integrity Officer, A market-leader pharmaceutical company

“The Red Flag Group's® reliability and expertise makes us feel we are in good hands when it comes Third Party risk management. The roll-out of ComplianceDesktop was quite simply perfect. Seamless, highly tactical and allowed us to gain immediate acceptance of what would otherwise have otherwise been an obvious disruptor to our business."

Head of Global Compliance Systems - Healthcare

“We’ve been using ComplianceDesktop® for 3 years. It's very easy to use.”

Head of Compliance, A global publically-listed biopharmaceutical company

“Our sales people and third parties have given us positive feedback about the platform.”

Compliance Officer, A global chemical company


All resources you need to manage your compliance programme.

ComplianceDesktop®— We Make Compliance Work for You.